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Trust the accounting day-to-day work to be in good hands
Our experienced staff is in touch with you via phone and social networks
Accounting maintenance:
Starting from 2000 rub. a month
We will reduce your expenses
and file accounts on time

Professional accounting services in St. Petersburg

we will audit your accounting
we will find and correct errors
we will develop activities plan
we will advise on all accounting issues
Do you want to cut accounting costs?
We will provide:

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Reduction of taxes
Cost reduction
Compensation of
the VAT
Recovery of
Unblocking of accounts
Tax and financial
What will We do for you and your company?
You need the following:
Submit reports without errors?
Have a correct personnel organization?
Protect yourself from checks and fines?
Minimize expenses?
We will assist you
MAKO — stays for experience and unique
know-how in professional accounting:
7 years of experience
without common accounting errors
6 departments
and narrow specialization to meet every customer's needs
Flexible tariff grid
with making up of form of incorporation, tax assessment and business nuances
Experienced managers
with more than 12 years of experience
More than 480 clients
of different forms of ownership and types of tax assessment
Accurate cost calculation in 5 minutes
We take care about your time and money: specify the form of incorporation, type of tax assessment and your contact phone - in 5 minutes our specialists will give you a call and deliver the exact cost of services!
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  • We will analyze the state of affairs in your accounting - we will check the work of the previous accountant, indicate the existing problems, errors and risks;
  • We will analyze the business and propose working schemes for legal optimization of taxes. In practice, our customers "average tax savings range from 30% as early as next month;
  • We will explain to you "how to avoid falling under field tax inspection" and give "a brief VAT description";
  • Learn how to handle overdue receivables;
  • We will study your contracts for possible legal risks and offer options for their reduction.
What can we do you for you with a free consultation when you call us?
MAKO: the team of professionals!
Vladimir Zinin
Managing Partner
Professional financier. In12 years he's grown from accountant to Chief Financial Executive. He systematizes unique customer service algorithms.
Alexander Likov
Managing Partner
Professional accountant. Work experience - 10 years. He controls the quality of accounting, improves methodology and production processes.
MAKO Leaders
Our departments
always in contact
Personal Services Department
Employees with the experience of the chief accountant.
They quickly determine your problem and find a way to solve it.
We will get to know your accounting issues
During telephone conversations or face-to-face meetings, we determine the extent of the problem

Identify the solution to the problem with the lowest costs
Let us assess the current state of affairs
We will check the current composition of accounting and tax reporting
We will help you choose the optimal tax system
We will build a model for conducting your business taking into account the chosen type of taxation
Department of primary documentation
We're the ones working with your primary documentation.
Be sure - your documents are collected and taken into account!
all papers are collected and accounted
We keep records of your income
We prepare and reflect documents for your customers in 1C (customers, buyers)

We inform about the status of settlements with your customers.
We keep records of your income
We reflect the expenses paid with a cash-free payment in the 1С

We make advance reports on cash expenses

We inform about the status of settlements with your suppliers

We inform about the debts of accountable persons
Department of Labor and Wages
We will calculate and accrue the salary for you and your employees.
and confidentiality
Payroll accounting
We accrue salaries to your employees taking into account holidays, sick leave, etc.

We conduct full-fledged personnel records management

Provide help and advice to your employees on their salaries
Accounting for social dues and income tax
We calculate all taxes and fees on salaries

We submit the statements to the funds and to the tax administration on your employees

We reimburse maternity insurance from the Social Insurance Fund

We independently pass inspections in funds
Department of Cash and Settlement Services
We'll help you open a bank account or unlock it.
We will conduct currency transactions, cash services and cash settlements.
Accounting of banking transactions
We are preparing payments for you

We regularly upload your billing statement to 1С
Accounting of cash transactions
We make cash receipts and expense orders

We are keeping a cash-book

We upload data from the online cash desk to 1С regularly
Accounting of currency settlements
We prepare currency payments and certificates for foreign exchange transactions

We resolve all issues with currency control of your bank
Tax Accounting Department
We know everything about taxes, and we'll tell you what taxes to pay and how to get fair benefits. Our specialization is VAT, excise taxes and USAIS, special tax regimes and income tax.
we know all rights
and benefits
VAT and income tax accounting
We inform you in advance about the tax amounts

Confirm 0% VAT rate

Correctly reflect VAT during import

We reimburse VAT to the settlement account

We pass all checks from the Federal Tax Service
Tax Accounting for Simplified System of Taxation
We inform you in advance about the tax amounts

We keep an Income and Expense Ledger

We pass all checks from the Federal Tax Service
guarantee of quality
Department of Monitoring and Methodology
We monitor the quality of work of all departments, coordinate work in 1C-Prof, conduct internal compliance assessment.
We maintain and control your 1С data base on our servers
We keep control of your 1С data base, as well as the transfer and conversion.

We are developing a methodology for internal regulatory control to eliminate errors in accounting

We order, process and store electronic digital signature (EDS) depending on customer needs.
Typical mistakes
Nonprofessional accountant
Noncompetent accounting company
Nonprofessional accountant:
  • advises to open an LLC on Simplified System of Taxation "6% revenues"

  • believes that VAT can be optimized by agent schemes

  • assures that accounting in different areas of business is different, and that it is not very versed in the nuances of accounting of some industry, direction, type of activity, etc.

  • argues that VAT cannot be refunded or even if it can there will be problems

  • cites the Letters of the Ministry of Finance and/or the Federal Tax Service as arguments for its position, as well as quotes from Internet articles

  • considers the 1С program an intangible asset

  • guarantees that dividends can be paid only at the end of the quarter or year

  • recommends that you liquidate your company periodically and open a new one

  • suggests that it is impossible to transfer something free of charge and/or to issue (receive) a interest-free loan, but cannot clearly explain why

  • prints bank statements and stores them in separate folders
By clicking «Receive advice», you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data"
If you are familiar with at least one of the above items, then it is time to receive advice from the experts. Contact us!
Noncompetent accounting company:
  • accounting outsourcing (support) - not the main activity of the company

  • counts the cost of operations

  • changes the cost of services from month to month

  • reports that the accountant is sick (went on vacation, quit the job) and appoints another (permanently or temporarily)

  • willing to take the keys to the Internet bank (or insists on it)

  • agrees to wait for a password SMS to sign a bank payment order

  • offers VAT optimization with invoices from affiliated companies

  • offers cash-out services

  • charges a fee for advice on matters within its competence

  • agrees to keep the seal of your organization
By clicking «Receive advice», you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data"
If you are familiar with at least one of the above items, then it is time to receive advice from the experts. Contact us!
Our clients
more than 480 companies in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
LLC «Virdginia»
Replacement carpet service
Our company made serious investments in the business, serious money was spent. MAKO helped reimburse 300,000 rubles of VAT. Everythig has been made promptly and on a turnkey basis. Money reached the account two months after applying for a deduction
LLC «Avtomobilnoe buro»
Car sales, repairs, service
The company faced an emerging growth crisis - there was a problem with the quality and operational accounting of funds and work orders. MAKO helped organize operational and comprehensive management records and trained staff. The accounting system turned out to be very cost-effective, it was not necessary to recruit economists and accountants to record money, materials and debts - MAKO does everything. Saved at least 600,000 rubles in one year
European Educational Services Holding
Prompt restoration of accounting and tax accounting. The organization has arrived at the time when the Social Insurance Fund has begun its inspection. The inspection passed well without claims and sanctions.
Ardei (Stels - furniture trademark)
Furniture production and export
In the process, the organization became a member of the IEA. We have successfully established the procedure for confirming the VAT rate of 0% and refunding VAT to the account
Producer of craft alcohol, city of Volkhov.
They established accounting and tax accounting for the production of alcoholic beverages. They set up and carried out the process of production and marketing of products in USAIS. Excise duties
Korean Holding, Component Manufacturing for Hyundai Factory
Accounting and tax accounting of mass production of auto parts and components.
Export-import in the Customs Union countries
Set up accounting and tax accounting IEA. They set up a VAT refund on the account on a turnkey basis
EIFH – European Institute for Family Health
Medical Center
They restored personnel accounting and personnel records. They organized the use of social benefits for medical workers. They set up a system for calculating the salary for one hundred employees with a different wage system.
Love Music – love piano
Selling of musical instruments.
Accounting for more than 1.5 years without claims and fines from regulatory authorities.
TK Group – LRT
Cleaning services - cleaning of construction sites, etc.
They prepared a set of accounting and tax reports, with the help of which the company was able to issue leases for production equipment, and subsequently - the expansion of the client's business.
Fliffy-puffy - Furniture distributor
We have been keeping accounting records since the founding of the company (more than 3 years)
Graf Krasnov
We keep accounting records from the very moment the business has been organized - zero claims from regulatory authorities
Our partners
We are sertificated experts in accounting
Working with public authorities
Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation
Federal Service of State Statistics
Social Insurance Fund
Federal Tax Service
Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
  • Carry out checks and interaction with fund inspectors by phone and via personal meetings
  • We submit the reporting to the SZV-M
  • Reimbursement of overpayments
  • We solve the problems associated with the transfer of pension payments under the PFRF to the Federal Tax Service in 2017
Federal Service for
Alcohol Market Regulation
  • The customer notifies us of the shipment of alcoholic beverages from the warehouse
  • We register with USAIS the production and the shipment of these products. We register the buyer with USAIS if it is not present
  • We are preparing a set of shipping documents (IDN and invoice)
We keep a record of the production and turnover of alcoholic beverages from manufacturers directly at USAIS.
Federal Service of State Statistics
  • Annual Accounting
  • Refinement of accounting financial statements in the SPARK system
  • Submission of statistical reports on certain types of activities: turnover of educational activities, petroleum products, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Monitoring of FSSS sample for reporting on all clients
Social Insurance Fund
When Social Insurance Fund is out visiting for an inspection, we do the following:
  • Prepare a report on insurance premiums
  • Offer accident rate
  • Benefit reimbursement
  • Conduct a check in a short time
• organize a workplace for the inspector;
• collect and provide all documents;
• our employee is nearby and accompanies the inspection.
Federal Tax Service
  • Preparation and submission of reports on all tax regimes, including calculation of excise taxes
  • Passing in-office audit and exit tax checks on a turn key basis
  • We interact with the inspectors of the Federal Tax Service: we perform reconciliations, order certificates and statements, conduct correspondence
  • We are conducting claim work on the blocking of accounts and the accrual of tax sanctions
We receive customers, for whom the PFRF has issued huge sanctions (up to 300 t.p.), citing the fact that the entrepreneur did not submit a report, or the report was not submitted correctly.

Decision: we take control of the situation, submit all clarifying reports, reduce sanctions to a minimum or cancel them altogether, prepare payment orders to pay for the remaining sanctions and/or letters to credit them.
For all current customers and for all incoming customers - we check which static forms need to be handed over to the client. We notify each client about additional reporting forms that they must provide to the State Statistics Service. All reports to the federal state are specific and atypical in nature, so we agree with each client on the nuances of their completion.
Our customer ships the goods for export. We prepare a set of shipping documents, submit a tax declaration indicating sales "at a rate of 0% VAT." We prepare and send to the Federal Tax Service a set of documents for confirmation of the "0% VAT rate," fill out a special file in the form of the Federal Tax Service in which we separately indicate each sale and direct expenses related to each sale. We pass a camera check, within the framework of which we confirm all expenses related to the implementation of "at a rate of 0%."

We accompany the client to the commission of the Federal Tax Service for the reimbursement of "export VAT." We carry out all necessary measures to reimburse VAT on the customer's account.
Processing of primary documentation
Cash and settlement services
Personnel accounting and payroll
Tax accounting
Tax and financial consulting
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