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Eployees of МАКО

Vladimir Zinin
Managing Partner
Professional financier. In12 years he's grown from accountant to Chief Financial Executive. He systematizes unique customer service algorithms.
Alexander Likov
Managing Partner
Professional accountant. Work experience - 10 years. He controls the quality of accounting, improves methodology and production processes.
МАКО`s leaders
Владимир Зинин управляющий партнёр

How do we work

4 steps of MACO's work with a new customer
You need accounting professionals
Any entrepreneur needs a high-quality accounting of the enterprise, because you are in the search for market professionals. We are the professionals.
You get a consultation
Our Personal Services Department consults you. You receive accurate and competent answers on accounting and tax accounting with recommendations.
We conclude a contract
We specify all types of work for your company (restoration of accounting, account release, reduction of tax burden, etc.)
We do maintenance of your company's accounting on a permanent basis
You do your business by delegating accounting to us. As a result - the release of 33% of the entrepreneur's time.
always in contact
Personal Services Department
Employees with the experience of the chief accountant.
They quickly determine your problem and find a way to solve it.
We will get to know your accounting issues
During telephone conversations or face-to-face meetings, we determine the extent of the problem

Identify the solution to the problem with the lowest costs
Let us assess the current state of affairs
We will check the current composition of accounting and tax reporting
We will help you choose the optimal tax system
We will build a model for conducting your business taking into account the chosen type of taxation
Department of primary documentation
We're the ones working with your primary documentation.
Be sure - your documents are collected and taken into account!
all papers are collected and accounted
We keep records of your income
We prepare and reflect documents for your customers in 1C (customers, buyers)

We inform about the status of settlements with your customers.
We keep records of your income
We reflect the expenses paid with a cash-free payment in the 1С

We make advance reports on cash expenses

We inform about the status of settlements with your suppliers

We inform about the debts of accountable persons
Department of Labor and Wages
We will calculate and accrue the salary for you and your employees.
and confidentiality
Payroll accounting
We accrue salaries to your employees taking into account holidays, sick leave, etc.

We conduct full-fledged personnel records management

Provide help and advice to your employees on their salaries
Accounting for social dues and income tax
We calculate all taxes and fees on salaries

We submit the statements to the funds and to the tax administration on your employees

We reimburse maternity insurance from the Social Insurance Fund

We independently pass inspections in funds
Department of Cash and Settlement Services
We'll help you open a bank account or unlock it.
We will conduct currency transactions, cash services and cash settlements.
Accounting of banking transactions
We are preparing payments for you

We regularly upload your billing statement to 1С
Accounting of cash transactions
We make cash receipts and expense orders

We are keeping a cash-book

We upload data from the online cash desk to 1С regularly
Accounting of currency settlements
We prepare currency payments and certificates for foreign exchange transactions

We resolve all issues with currency control of your bank
Tax Accounting Department
We know everything about taxes, and we'll tell you what taxes to pay and how to get fair benefits. Our specialization is VAT, excise taxes and USAIS, special tax regimes and income tax.
we know all rights
and benefits
VAT and income tax accounting
We inform you in advance about the tax amounts

Confirm 0% VAT rate

Correctly reflect VAT during import

We reimburse VAT to the settlement account

We pass all checks from the Federal Tax Service
Tax Accounting for Simplified System of Taxation
We inform you in advance about the tax amounts

We keep an Income and Expense Ledger

We pass all checks from the Federal Tax Service
guarantee of quality
Department of Monitoring and Methodology
We monitor the quality of work of all departments, coordinate work in 1C-Prof, conduct internal compliance assessment.
We maintain and control your 1С data base on our servers
We keep control of your 1С data base, as well as the transfer and conversion.

We are developing a methodology for internal regulatory control to eliminate errors in accounting

We order, process and store electronic digital signature (EDS) depending on customer needs.
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